pancakeswap launch

Dogwars (DOWA) officially launched on pancakeswap !


Sci-fi Shooter game.

Dogwars is building a universal Sci-Fi shooting game with multiple unique planets to explore and fight on. Each planet represents a different type of gaming environment. So sit back and fasten your seatbelt, as Dogwars is coming for you!


The Dogwars Metaverse.

Customize your look, boost it with equipment and get ready to play with your friends


Dogwars merchandise

Coming soon !


Exchanges and platforms

Dogwars (DOWA) is available on a growing number of exchanges and platforms. We are currently listed at the platforms and exchanges shown below. Click the logo to get there and buy !

Our Story

Dogwars is a Crypto Gaming community. Our team has come together, because of our mutual understandings of what Crypto and Gaming should offer to the world, as we intend to empower the People!

The Sci-Fi shooting game Dogwars was founded to make a unique and industry leading game with community made and voted elements, so that everyone can participate in the creation of the Sci-Fi shooting Game: Dogwars. Games are meant to unite, entertain and educate people. Dogwars is aspiring to do all that in just one Game. We create worlds for everyone!


Introducing the team behind Dogwars.

One vision, One global team. Building a world-changing platform is a monumental task. These are the people that have taken on the challenge.

Core Contributor
BartCommunity Relations Director
Core Contributor
Core Contributor
MilanGame level designer
Core Contributor
MauxCommunity Moderator
Core Contributor
MohamedContent creator
Core Contributor
MohamedGame programmer
Core Contributor

Frequently Asked Questions

We summarized a couple of the questions we get the most. In case you don't find what you are looking for here, please drop us an email using the form below.

Any digital/virtual asset that uses cryptography (blockchain technology) to process and secure transactions and digital data.

A crypto currency is a digital/virtual encrypted valuta which doesn't require authority from a third party to make a transaction succeed

Non-Fungible Tokens. NFT's are also translated to Non-Replacable Tokens. A NFT is a digital asset which can be claimed for full ownership by it's owner. NFT's are encrypted by blockchain technology.

We believe that people should be rewarded for their commitment to Dogwars! We encourage people to collect and exchange virtual assets and top roof that, we have enabled a Play-To-Earn system within our very unique and exciting Sci-Fi shooter game, Dogwars!

A database in which transactions and other forms of data is stored with cryptography. A blockchain is managed by a network of computers, which is why it's decentralized and not controlled by a single party.

Dogwars aspires to empower the People! We will help shape the world into a brighter, healthier and more positive environment, by creating multiple strong and long lasting utilities to spread wealth, entertainment, positivity and knowledge to the world and other future generations
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